Anti-Slip Mats


Anti-Slip Applications

  • Paper Rolls
  • Metal Rod Coils
  • Pipes
  • Prefabricated Concrete
  • Structural Steel
  • Bricks/Paving Slabs
  • Sawn Timber
  • Steel Mesh
  • Chemical goods
  • Containers
  • Palleted Goods

The applications shown above are only representative of the many applications of Rubbertech Anti Slip Mats.


Form-fitting retaining wedges with anti-slip mats are a protection system for pipe transport which fulfils the highest safety requirements. Here as well, the reduced lashing belt tensioning and minimised contact pressure prevent compression of the transported product.


Paper Rolls

Anti-slip mats used with retaining wedges ensure maximum stabilisation in transport of industrial paper rolls. When the rolls are stacked in several layers, anti-slip mats are equally effective in load stabilisation and layer separation.


Chipboard Panels/Pallets

Anti-slip mats used with lashing straps are an efficient and professional means of securing chipboard of plywood panels and pallets. The extremely high coefficient of friction minimises the required contact pressure, therefore avoiding compression damage to the panels.


Metal Rod Coils

Since most metal products are smooth and heavy, slipping during transport can cause serious problems. Correctly placed anti-slip mats, substantially increase friction and therefore improve transport safety.

Load Securing = Friction Force + Securing Force