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Load Secure Anti-Slip Matting

increases friction between the loading surface and the load

Load Secure SPECIAL, PROTECT and SECURE anti-slip mats are especially designed for low-cost, efficient protection of products during transportation by road, rail, ship and air freight.

Transported goods are held in place on the transport vehicle by the friction provided by LoadSecure anti-slip mats and are further secured by lashing straps. The high friction coefficients of LoadSecure's anti-slip mats provide outstanding grip on even the smoothest surfaces, practically eliminating shifting or sliding during transport.


LoadSecure Special Matting has been developed to cover a wide range of safety requirements. Kinetic friction coefficient is 0.80.

A selection of material thicknesses offer very good maximum surface load values ranging from 125 to 200 t/m, allowing exact adaption to your individual load securing requirements.

As with all RUBBERTECH anti-slip mats, SPECIAL anti-slip mats can be re-used many times until they reach the replacement state of wear.

Standard sizes
3mm – 150mm x 800mm (For paper Industry)
5mm – 250mm x 670mm

Thicknesses 6mm, 8mm, & 10mm:
1.00m x 100mm, 1.00m x 150mm, 1.00m x 200mm, 1.25m x 100mm
1.25m x 150mm, 1.25m x 200mm

Pads 8mm thickness
100mm x 100mm, 150mm x 150mm, 200mm x 200mm

other sizes by special order, please enquire.


LoadSecure Protect Matting has an extremely high kinetic friction coefficient of 0.91, and is an ideal solution for countering any horizontal movement of loads.

Due to the especially homogeneous distribution of the rubber granules, LoadSecure's Protect matting provides maximum flexibility, with excellent adaption to loads that have extreme contours.

The large range of available thicknesses ensures especially effective and economical securing of loads.

Standard sizes
3mm – 150mm x 800mm (For paper Industry)
5mm – 250mm x 670mm

Thicknesses 6mm, 8mm, & 10mm:
1.00m x 100mm, 1.00m x 150mm, 1.00m x 200mm, 1.25m x 100mm
1.25m x 150mm, 1.25m x 200mm

Pads 8mm thickness
100mm x 100mm, 150mm x 150mm, 200mm x 200mm

other sizes by special order, please enquire.


Secure is the anti-slip mat for heavy loads. The combination of an exceptionally high surface load capacity (max.500 t/m²) and an excellent kinetic friction coefficient (0.80) makes this product the first choice when it comes to securing extremely heavy loads.

Secure is made from a very high density material and is available in two thicknesses (8mm or 10mm) to keep within a permissible maximum compression parameter of 30%.

Standard size
Sheets 1m x 1.25m

other sizes by special order, please enquire.

Custom Cutting & Specials

We offer cutting to specific sizes, on any of our standard materials and thicknesses, from our UK held stocks. Additionally we can supply custom material specifications for thicknesses, durometers (hardness) and anti-slip coefficients, subject to quantity requirements and availability.

Please contact us with your requirements.

Anti-Slip Mats - Applications

Applications include

  • Paper Rolls
  • Metal Rod Coils
  • Pipes
  • Prefabricated Concrete
  • Structural Steel
  • Bricks/Paving Slabs

... more applications

  • Sawn Timber
  • Steel Mesh
  • Chemical goods
  • Containers
  • Palleted Goods

... and many more


Form-fitting retaining wedges with anti-slip mats are a protection system for pipe transport which fulfils the highest safety requirements. Here as well, the reduced lashing belt tensioning and minimised contact pressure prevent compression of the transported product.

Paper Reels

Anti-slip mats used with retaining wedges ensure maximum stabilisation in transport of industrial paper rolls. When the rolls are stacked in several layers, anti-slip mats are equally effective in load stabilisation and layer separation.

Panels and Pallets

Anti-slip mats used with lashing straps are an efficient and professional means of securing chipboard or plywood panels and pallets. The extremely high coefficient of friction minimises the required contact pressure, therebt avoiding compression damage to the panels.

Metal Coils & Rods

Since most metal products are smooth and heavy, slipping during transport can cause serious problems. Correctly placed anti-slip mats substantially increase friction and improve transport safety.

10 Good Reasons for using
LoadSecure Anti-Slip Mats

Highest Friction Coefficients LoadSecure protect anti-slip mats have a sliding friction coefficient of µ=1.05 determined according to GS-V-28 (dry, 8mm thickness).
Reduced Liability Improper transport safety measures can be grounds for liability or even criminal prosecution. The forwarder or consignor is legally responsible and liable for safe transport of goods shipped.
Economic Benefits Optimised transport protection reduces in-house transport costs as well as damages – both to the goods transported and the transport vehicles.
Cost Savings Time is money. The high friction coefficient of LoadSecure ant-slip mats reduces the number of required lashing belts, saving time in loading and unloading. The anti-slip mats are quickly installed, again saving valuable time. Long service life, outstanding rot resistance and re-usability provide further cost savings.
Application Versatility For secure transport of a wide range of products such as paper rolls, metal rod coils, wood, pipes, sheet metal, concrete slabs, prefabricated concrete components, containers, partly used coils, pallets and many other products. Anti-slip mats can also be used as protective packaging in non-transport situations.
Ease of Handling Our anti-slip mats can be supplied in any size required. They are easily laid out under or between the products transported.
Wide Variety of Mats Available Mat thicknesses from 3mm to 20mm are available for use in a wide range of applications – from normal products to fragile products requiring minimal contact pressure.
Environmental Awareness All mats are made by an environment-friendly proprietary process using over 90% Recycled Rubber.
Outstanding Physical Properties LoadSecure anti-slip mats have excellent values of tensile strength, ultimate elongation, coefficient of sliding friction, compressive deformation, dielectric strength and temperature resistance.
Tested to Standard LoadSecure anti-slip mats fulfil required standards for protection of transported goods.

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